Genesee Community College >> NEW Richard C. Call Arena

Athletic complex at SUNY Genesee Community College

AVL Designs Inc. has just completed its design project for the New Richard C. Call Arena at Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY.

AVL designed multiple audio systems for this new sports complex. The 4-faceted complex includes a field house, fitness center, exhibit space and an outdoor stadium with press box.

Their field house has many uses and  required different audio systems to meet each specific need. The Genesee Community College field house hosts sporting events, conventions, LGI [large group instruction] seminars, fashion shows, concerts, social events such as dances, graduation ceremonies and more. Each of the four field house audio systems orients the room differently for these functions.

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X20 Xaviars on the Hudson

When you are in the architectural acoustical design business, as we are, much of your work cannot be SEEN but is HEARD. You cannot photograph it. You just have to be there.Xaviers X20 on the Hudson

We  appreciated being part of the design team hired to make X20 Xaviars on the Hudson a dining experience worthy of the sumptuous food for which they are famous. From the amazing redo of an historic warehouse on the Hudson [Highland Associates, architects] to master chef Peter X. Kelly’s perfectly prepared cuisine, everything had to be “just-so.”

The X20 Xaviars On The Hudson Architectural Acoustical Design Project

Starting with an all glass exterior we knew it would be a challenge. Our acoustical skills were tasked  to create just the right atmosphere for the diners to enjoy. Not loud, not strident, but pleasant even when busy. (*which it always is …….)

It’s done in stealthy ways using materials that are almost invisible to the decor.

About The Master Chef & Owner Peter X. Kelly

Xaviar’s master chef and owner of X20 Xaviars, Peter X. Kelly:  Peter X. Kelly is known as “the man who brought sophisticated New American Cuisine to the Hudson Valley” Starting his restaurant career at the young age of 14 as a dish washer he moved on to a position as a banquet waiter while finishing high school.  Those two experiences were the humble beginnings of Peter learning the ins and outs of the hospitality business. At age 23 was given the opportunity to take over a country club restaurant where, unexpectedly, a disagreement with the chef [over, of all things, how to make beer batter] resulted in the chef leaving and Peter stepping into that role! There is much more to this fascinating story. Find out how he became a chef among champions. You can read the whole amazing story here=>  The Peter X. Kelly Story


AVL’s part in this endeavor was to help acoustically design each room for the sound to be just as delightful as the stunning architecture and great food. Music and conversation were to be pleasant, not disruptive. Above all, nothing could be introduced that would interfere with the beautiful surroundings and great view. Our work had to be stealthy – invisible!

Mission accomplished! X20 Xaviars continues to be a top of the line dining experience – a perfect night on the town!

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ETC Gives AVL Designer Stan Jordan A Super-Star Welcome!

Stan Jordan, AVL Designs’ expert stage rigging and lighting designer, was guest-of-honor at ETC’s (Electronic Theater Controls) Middleton, Wisconsin headquarters last month. ETC is a global leader in the manufacture of theatrical rigging and lighting control technology.

ETC’s Impressive Headquarters

Upon his arrival at ETC’s theatrically themed headquarters building, Stan was given a whirlwind tour of the center of operations and both of their pristine factories.

As you see in the photo (Stan is on the far right) their headquarters is designed to resemble a vintage theater marquee which was all set with their “Welcome” sign for AVL’s Stan Jordan!AVL Designs Inc designer Stan Jordan at ETC headquarters

Stan spent much of his time with their rigging and lighting experts getting updates on their many systems and, in his own words, “eating great food and lots of good cheese! It is the Cheesehead State, you know!” 

While he was there, Stan met with key leaders, engineers plus research & development personnel at ETC to discuss current and soon-to-come trends pertaining to motorized rigging and lighting systems including system commissioning, life-safety concerns, programming and structural implications.

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Sound & Video Contractor’s Online Interview With Seth Waltz

Renovating a high school auditorium doesn’t sound like a big deal – unless it is the Baldwinsville [NY] High School Auditorium, that is! This high school hosts high-end performances of all types including concerts and Broadway-style shows.  AVL Designs Inc. was given the design-challenge to make that room acoustically adjust for any kind of performance situation, though the room itself had many limitations.

Mission accomplished! Baldwinsville’s auditorium is now capable of sounding like rooms of all kinds: lecture hall to concert hall – and this is just one of 22 completed venues with the same amazing results!

Listen to Sound & Video Contractor’s exciting podcast interview with AVL Designs Inc. President / Designer Seth Waltz to hear all about this amazing acoustical transformation: Baldwinsville High School Design Interview PART 1

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Baldwinsville High School Auditorium Renovation 

We are pleased to announce the completion of our project for the Baldwinsville High School’s newly renovated auditorium. We think you will agree that Baldwinsville High School is not just your typical high school. They host more than 50 events in their auditorium annually and those events include Broadway Theater, dance, concerts, and a variety of the other professional level performance events including multimedia.

Baldwinsville High School Auditorium

When the renovation of the BCSD high school auditorium began the goal  was to design for performance. Unfortunately, the current footprint and elevation of the existing auditorium had to remain. The old auditorium had very poor lighting positions.  Cramped, hard-to-access catwalks were … READ MORE >>>

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