Saratoga Springs High School Acoustic Design

Beautifully repurposed cafeteria


In response to some very positive compliments concerning our cafeteria acoustic design at Saratoga Springs High School, we thought we would share that project news with you.


Saratoga Springs high school cafeteria


Cafeterias are tough, as we explained previously in  “Help, I Work In A Cafeteria and I’m Going Deaf!” .  Truly, cafeteria space is one of the worst when it comes to conquering the acoustics. Think “tin can.”  




This space at Saratoga Springs High School started out as a repurposed gym/classroom, converted into a large upscale cafeteria.  



high school cafeteria


Our scope of work was to acoustically compare the existing condition to the architect’s intended design. Their plan was a change for the better but, after modeling the space, we made recommendations that would step up those improvements beyond the original goal, while still preserving the look. We added K13 FC roof deck treatment above the new ceiling clouds, as well as changing wall materials and cloud materials. The school is very pleased with the results.


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