Lakeshore Middle School

The Lakeshore Middle school auditorium has not been updated in many years. All of the stage rigging is dead-hung due to challenging overhead conditions and lack of stage height. The district wanted to have some moving sets over the stage but the overall rigging was “creatively” installed and not up to safety standards.

AVL Designs Inc.’s first task was to design new stage rigging which would be up to current standards and with as many moving pipes as possible. AVL utilized ETC FlyPipes to accomplish this task. A self-climbing package hoist allowed us to provide a safe, moving solution.

The control of lighting and studio was in the balcony, which is not a great location for running a show, so a new control booth was included on the main floor to allow the audio and lighting crew to experience the show from the audience’s perspective.

New AV systems included main speakers with over and under balcony delays to fill shadowed areas. A new digital console, wireless microphones, projector and screen, and controls were also included.

Speakers by Danley

Wireless by Shure

Console by Soundcraft

Projector by Panasonic

Control by Crestron

Lighting was also in need of updates, as the existing Varilight dimming and control were failing. The decision was made to upgrade to all LED lighting. A new lighting console and control system by ETC was specified as well as LED fixtures from ETC and Phillips Showline.

*The completed project went on line in 2021 following some delays due to Covid.


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Update on Williamsville CSD

NEWEST UPDATE: Casey Middle School and Transit Middle School, both of East Amherst New York (part of the Williamsville CSD. )

Images below followed by images from East High School and South High School.

Casey Middle School

Transit Middle School

The following images are from East High School and South High School, respectively:

East High School

East High School

South High School

Previous posts from our ongoing projects for Williamsville CSD:

Williamsville CSD – the beginning

Williamsville CSD Renos in Review


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Grand Island High School

Auditorium of Grand Island NY High School

Grand Island High School had an acoustics problem. Their auditorium suffered with multiple echoes being caused by room geometry. The space also had a frequency imbalance in the 1kHZ- 4 kHz region that was being caused by metal ceiling panels that were undamped. This resulted in a metallic “ring” that almost sounded like electronic feedback.

Grand Island High School Auditorium

AVL Designs Inc. proposed a solution that used parametric room tuning. Multiple absorptive panel types have been located strategically on the side walls.  Each panel type affects different frequencies.  The ceiling panels have been damped with a sheet damping material applied to the back of each panel.

Grand Island high school auditorium

The architects came up with a color pallet based on our layout. The final result is aesthetically pleasing and performs well acoustically. The music department will be excited to use it this fall.  


*Grand Island High School, Grand Island, New York.

Copyright AVLDesignsInc 2021+

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Coming attractions: WONY Radio SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Oneonta’s radio station – WONY – is almost complete. AVL Designs Inc. designed the radio station’s new spaces for acoustics and isolation and, working along with the station manager,  provided infrastructure wiring and equipment sections .

The station is on-air, running automated, for the summer and will go live again in the fall. Stand by for final pictures and project details as the project comes to completion.

Near-completion photos  provided by Hyman Hayes, the project architects. 


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Coming Soon to YouTube:

Three NEW videos are in the works right now.

1. AUDITORIUMS: when you are planning to make renovations there are things you need to know to when dealing with the public bid process.

2. MIC TECHNIQUES 101: believe it or not, even those who are familiar with using a microphone aren’t using it right. We tell you what to change to get the best from your mics and make a huge improvement on sound quality.

3. KLANG – immersive in-ear mixing that is AMAZING!

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Upcoming: Liverpool High School

Upcoming => Liverpool High School in Syracuse, New York will be AVL Designs Inc.’s first application of Yamaha’s AFC4 electronic acoustic immersive audio system.

As in previous versions, the AFC4 gives the ability to change the apparent room acoustics to simulate a multitude of rooms, such as an opera hall, though in actuality you are in a much smaller room.  

The design project will include their auditorium plus their orchestra / choral & band rehearsal rooms. 

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