Sound & Video Contractor’s Online Interview With Seth Waltz

Renovating a high school auditorium doesn’t sound like a big deal – unless it is the Baldwinsville [NY] High School Auditorium, that is! This high school hosts high-end performances of all types including concerts and Broadway-style shows.  AVL Designs Inc. was given the design-challenge to make that room acoustically adjust for any kind of performance situation, though the room itself had many limitations.

Mission accomplished! Baldwinsville’s auditorium is now capable of sounding like rooms of all kinds: lecture hall to concert hall – and this is just one of 22 completed venues with the same amazing results!

Listen to Sound & Video Contractor’s exciting podcast interview with AVL Designs Inc. President / Designer Seth Waltz to hear all about this amazing acoustical transformation: Baldwinsville High School Design Interview PART 1