About Us

AVL Designs Inc. is an architectural acoustic design firm that provides consulting, design and testing services for:  acoustics – noise control – sound – recording – theatrical lighting – stage rigging – broadcast studios – video production. Our clients include architects, engineers and those from the worlds of performing arts & theater, education, institutional, worship, sports, and a variety of commercial and industrial venues.

The scope of our work includes:

  • Performing Arts
  • Worship
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Institutional
  • Restaurant
  • Industrial
  • Sports Venues

How Are We Different?

All members of our design team have real world production experience. When we evaluate facilities, we look at them as if we had to use them. Assessing the project from this perspective assures that each design is well thought out for real world use. And, our team follows each project to completion. AVL provides onsite testing and commissioning of all systems to confirm that they meet the design goals. We also tailor custom training programs for each project. End users will not be left with technology that no one can operate.

Our Method

AVL listens. This is not our project, it is the client’s. We rely on the owner and their team to give us as much input as possible. We apply our expertise to the client’s goals, we do not design a facility to please ourselves.

Computer Aided Design

AVL applies computer analysis where it is best suited to verify how our designs will perform. We do not let the software drive the design.

Product Choice & Evaluation

Many consultants design using a small range of products lines. Some even let manufacturers assist with design. This saves the consultant time and money but may not deliver the best results for the owner. (We have found that if you ask a manufacturer what to use, it most likely they will recommend their own product. Surprise!)

AVL communicates with manufacturers and vendors but we do not let them determine outcomes. It is our responsibility to know what we are designing. We use as wide a range of products as required to meet the project needs.

State Of The Art

We do not like to use products that we have not experienced firsthand. State of the art can be like a beta software package, the result being a not-so-great experience. AVL continually tests products, using our in-house testing capabilities.

Can we test everything we use in design? Of course not! But we do our best to make sure that key elements perform based on first hand experience.